Beginner Woodworking Courses

Build Your First Six Woodworking Projects Over The Next Six Weekends.

The Weekend Woodworker is the world's #1 step-by-step method for learning woodworking.  No experience necessary.

    Learn Woodworking, Step-By-Step

    The Weekend Woodworker is a six-week online woodworking course that introduces complete beginners to woodworking, and is a chance to sharpen your skills if you're not-so-new to the craft, all while actually completing impressive projects.

    • Six in-depth weekend woodworking projects to teach you the skills to build anything
    • Printable plans with diagrams you can actually understand
    • Step-by-step video demonstrations, tool features, skills walkthroughs, project plans, tool guides and material lists
    • Thousands of satisfied members and thousands more projects built
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    How To Turn Any Space Into A Woodworking Sanctuary

    The Weekend Workshop is my comprehensive online course that shows you how to turn any space into a woodworking sanctuary. In this course I will help you organize and redesign your workshop, turning even the smallest shared garage into a “dream shop” that you love spending time in.

    • 14 uniquely designed shop projects that will make it a breeze to stay organized and allow you to get the most out of your space.
    • Comprehensive, step-by-step instruction on how to strategically set up or improve your workshop
    • Printable, downloadable project plans
    • Access to exclusive woodworking community
    • Extras like tool and material checklists, real-speed video segments, and countless tips on how to improve your woodworking technique, execute tricky cuts, and avoid common mistakes
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    Learn How To Build Bigger, Better, More Impressive-looking Pieces By Hand

    Powered Up is my comprehensive video-based program for intermediate-to-advanced woodworkers (and ambitious beginners) ready to take their skills to the next level. I designed Powered Up to dramatically “shorten the learning curve” so you’re able to build stunning, professional-looking pieces by hand in the comforts of your own shop.

    • 5 in-depth projects with step-by-step video walkthroughs
    • Printable, downloadable project plans
    • Complete "what you need" tools & supplies lists for each projects
    • Helpful and friendly woodworking community
    • Extra bonuses to continue growing your skills
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