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Halloween Candy Dispenser

Halloween Candy Dispenser

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Transform your Halloween celebration with a jaw-dropping (lol) candy dispenser that’s not just decorative, but deliciously functional! Introducing the Skull Candy Dispenser, a woodworking creation designed to elevate your spooky décor while keeping your treats at hand. Why go ordinary when you can hand-craft extraordinary?

Why Invest in These Plans:

Unique Creation: Stand out this Halloween! This dispenser isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a crowd pleaser. Both kids and adults will be enthralled by its design and mechanism.

Detailed Guidance: The full-sized cutting template you’ll need for making the perfect skull shape is included in the plans, also ensuring you will drill precise holes - every detail is covered. You’re not just buying plans, you’re purchasing clarity.

Tool Mastery: This is a great project to learn the nuances of making cuts with the a band saw and getting hands-on experience with a drill press for making large holes.

Flexible: The plans allow room for creativity! Whether you want to modify the candy funnel size based on the treats you prefer, or if you wish to paint it in varying shades, there's scope for personal touches.

Key Features:

Innovative Candy Wheel Mechanism: Designed for easy rotation, making candy retrieval a fun activity.

Acrylic (Plexiglas) Front: Offers a sneak peek into the candy treasure while keeping them safe.

Functional Fill Hole with Cover: Ensures that refilling candies is hassle-free.

Sturdy Stand Design: Leaning back at 20 degrees for perfect display without compromising stability. This features a clever, shop-made hinge.

Full Template Inclusion: No guesswork! From the skull shape to the intricate details, all templates are included for precision.

Your Halloween deserves more than just carved pumpkins and fake cobwebs. It demands a centerpiece that's as fun as it is functional. With my plans, you're not just crafting a candy dispenser, you’re honing skills, learning techniques, and creating memories. So, are you ready to bewitch your guests with your craftsmanship? Download your plans today and let the magic unfold!

Tools You’ll need:

  • Band Saw. You could use a jigsaw, but it would be pretty fussy)
  • Sander. A 1” strip sander will make this much easier to smooth.
  • Drill press. I don’t recommend drilling the holes in this project with a hand drill.
  • 2-¾” Hole Saw
  • 1-¼” Forstner Bit
  • 2-⅛” Forstner Bit
  • 1” Forstner Bit


Be sure to watch the step-by-step instructional video:


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