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Multi-Purpose Mobile Tool Stand (METRIC AND U.S.)

Multi-Purpose Mobile Tool Stand (METRIC AND U.S.)

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Your purchase include both metric and U.S. plans! 

 Are you ready to revolutionize your woodworking space? My Multi-Purpose Tool Stand is designed with a "mobile first" philosophy, redefining efficiency in small, home-based workshops. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to convenience as you optimize your workspace with a dedicated cabinet that can be effortlessly moved wherever it's needed.

Key Features:

🔨 Space-Saving Design: This stand boasts a compact footprint, allowing you to store it neatly along your garage wall while still leaving room for your car. Say goodbye to workshop clutter and reclaim your space.

🔨 Versatile Top: The generous top surface accommodates a variety of stationary tools, such as sanders, planers, miter saws, and band saws. Experience the freedom to tackle various projects with ease.

🔨 Stability Enhancement: Beneath the bottom drawer, you'll find an empty space designed for adding a sandbag or other weight for additional stability. (Or just use it to hide stuff 😂.

🔨 Easily customize your stand's height by adjusting the sides, back, and filler strips, without needing to alter the drawers or any other parts of the design.

🔨 Ample Storage: Five spacious drawers offer abundant storage space, while two small top drawers provide quick access to frequently used accessories for your top tool.

🔨 Plywood Construction: Crafted from sturdy 3/4" plywood for the cabinet and 1/2" plywood for the drawers, this stand is built to last. You can even use 3/4" ply for the drawers if you prefer, plus this is a great project to utilize scrap lumber for added eco-friendly value.

🔨 Creative Freedom: Discover my clever and easy method for crafting drawer pulls, or let your creativity run wild and design your own unique pulls to match your workshop's aesthetic.

🔨 Mobility Matters: To complete your ultimate mobile workshop, be sure to invest in 4" heavy-duty locking casters for easy maneuverability. Here are the casters I used

Revamp your woodworking space today with this Mobile Workshop Stand – a game-changer for efficiency, organization, and mobility in your workshop. Unlock the full potential of your craft and elevate your woodworking experience.

Tools you'll need:

  • Table saw
  • Dado Blades 
  • Drill/driver
  • Circular saw (for breaking down plywood)
  • Optional: I used a compressor and brad nailer, but clamps are fine 

Step-by-step How-To Video:



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