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The World's Handiest Step Stool

The World's Handiest Step Stool

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This Half-Lap Step Stool is one of my all-time favorite woodworking deigns and one of the most frequently used projects I’ve ever made. You could modify this to be a little higher, but honestly, you’ll be surprised at how useful a 10” step is. The handiest part of this step stool is the handle, which makes it super convenient to move around whenever you need it.

I’ve designed this to be lightweight, yet very strong. Once you cut the half-lap joints, the project practically assembles itself. It’s so simple that you may want to batch them out to sell or give away as gifts.

You’ll only need two boards to make one stool. There is plenty of leftover material you can use to run tests on the lap joints to make sure they fit together cleanly.

Tools needed:

  • Table Saw 
  • Stack of dado blades
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Router (Optional for rounding over the edges)

Video tutorial:

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