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Versatile Bar Stool

Versatile Bar Stool

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Versatile Barstool: Pay what you want

Please pay what you feel this plan is worth! 🥰

I designed this stool to be made with cheap materials and simple construction, intended to withstand daily use in the workshop. I made this using cheap 2x3 studs and 1x4 pine boards. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be “elevated” to work perfectly for a patio bar or indoors at a kitchen island. Just select fancier wood!

The angled back is an important comfort feature. If you’d like to use a table saw, I have plans for a really simple tapering jig. You could also draw a line and cut the taper using a jigsaw or circular saw. Or a bandsaw if you have one!

Tools needed:

  • Table Saw 
  • Drill and driver
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Tapering jig (optional)

Step-by-step video:

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